What is electrology?

Electrology is the only true permanent hair removal method recognized by the FDA. It eliminated any hair and treats all skin types. A century of use has proven electrology to be safe with no side effects. No other hair removal method can claim such universal success. It can be performed on men and women of all ages.

How does Electrology Work?

-          Utilizing a small disposable stainless insulated probe it destroys follicles and cells.

Are all hairs eliminated in one session?

-          Continuous and frequent treatments are necessary for permanent results. Large, deep-rooted hairs might take several treatments in order to avoid destroying too much skin tissue at one time.

 The methods for electrology:

-          Thermolysis: Short wave, high frequency or flash. This is a preferred method as it is the most effective and is less painful.

-          Galvanic (electrolysis)

-          Blend

Treatments Technology:

-          The Apilus Platinum is the most cutting edge device in electrology, providing comfort and removing hair twice as fast as other epilators.

Click the link below to view a comprehensive video about the Apilus Platinum.

Apilus Platinum